Saturday, 26 March 2016


Every action starts with a dream and it leads to an intention and an intention grows as PASSION or GOAL or just mere Desperation.

Anything you get easily would we worth it more?! I guess NO. But a small failure for any minuscule which really not your cup of tea will be purport as your goal just out of a proposition of your ego.

Before moving forward, let me define a Goal and passion;

"Though one of my goal is to save my credits and go for a vacation, my passion is to collect Stones. I'm not passionate about vacations, and I don't care about collecting the best rocks as a goal "

Anything you just need for short time and not getting at that moment and a growing intention is called Goal
Passion is something which drives all of our lives. Passion which ll give real pleasure for your inner soul of whatever you do and you enjoy doing as long as you do.

As you see the above "Iceberg Perspective" for every success of your Passion/Goal, you have to go through all of these grey areas or it might reduce couple of steps on the basis of your supportive environment ie.., Family, Friends, Money... But there is no short-cut for it and if you want to find some short-cut, I am sure you are missing the thrill of your life :)

You could start with any action/any goal/any passion which will give peace and happiness to your soul until unless it exceeds the ethics of life. hmmmm..Shall I choose a Goal without passion??!! STOP! Its not your goal or Passion but its mere desperation and you should be ready for failures. If its your passion, sure you will cross all the mentioned milestones and even if you fail, you feel its just a delay nut not failure. Success people always build the next step based on what they learned from the previous one.

Success is a journey. It takes consistency and action and not mere words. Many people do not tend to appreciate enough the hurdles and challenges. Successful people must have overcome all the hurdles before reaching their goals. Paying attention to such details and not taking these hurdles for granted, but having a superior mindset to crush them could define how far you and I will go in meeting our successes.

Most of us will fail to reach the top success as the driving force "passion" missing somewhere in the middle of your journey or never it was. So do anything but do with PASSION. Happy Living!!

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