No such thing as failure! 
what is a success? what is a failure ? - Who defines it? Society? or YOU?
The most success of your life at the very moment ll be that you could able to in hale and exhale your own breathe by yourself without anybodies help and that is the start :) The very existence of your life in this earth is a "Success"
If you want to do the things that your society think its "success" then that is the failure of your life. Everyone's vision is their success and not yours. Don't become slave to somebody's idea.
"Failure" is an idea and "the success" is also a stupid idea.
So if its just an idea, then instead of changing your world for your success,  just change your idea is it it that easy?! if you just change the idea of success and failure then everything ll be great. If your success is feels like a failure for others?..Give a damn!
if you are a beggar in the street , if you could go to a restaurant and eat a masal-dhosa/ Pizza and pay the bill, this would be the height and peak of your success.
you got trap into the social situations and got into an idea which is not even yours or way of living then you are a slave to yourself.
 You don't have to be slave of anybodies idea and that is called "Success". Turn your eyes and see inside of yourself(soul) and that your idea/vision. You see what you like or Like what you see.  "Visibility is Everything" and Every Vision is your idea and every idea is your success and every failure towards your success is your success and " you are always a winner"