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India’s Leading Motivational Speaker on Leadership, Sales, Branding, Innovation & Peak Performance, Educational Revolution, “Make in India” Promoter.
Anish Jai, an entrepreneur and professional corporate trainer and institutional trainer who stands for innovation studies. He starts from the humble beginning. His company facilitates the business sector by providing practical, interactive and fun filled activity based trainings to the corporate sector and Technical students through workshops and seminars. He stands for innovation studies. Anish Jai tops the list among the best motivational speakers in India. As a keynote speaker he conducts corporate training sessions in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, & pan Asia on leadership, sales, innovation, change management, customer service, Educational Revolution and peak performance.
Anish Jai is a serial entrepreneur turned motivational speaker. He has written over 2 audio books and books in the field of human potential growth & management. He created more than 100+ Jobs and given opportunities for the fresher about 30% in his ventures.
Why Anish Jai?
  • Prolific author with 14 works in human potential enhancement and management.
  • His brain storming strategy sessions has led many organizations to create successful execution plans.
  • Has addressed people on more than 23 different topics.
  • Has addressed over 20,000 people across the country.
  • Clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Delivers over 10 Keynotes, Strategy sessions, Workshops and Seminars in a year.
AnishJai is highly regarded for his challenging, high content message, latest researched information as well as practical approach to the challenges and opportunities organizations face today in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.
Anish Jai, Twelve plus years of entrepreneurial experience in sales, marketing, advertising, films, internet, IT, publishing, retail, fashion and nonprofit sectors, provides a wealth of information to draw from as a professional speaker in relating essential concepts. As a keynote inspirational speaker, his diverse background enables him to communicate key business principles, while enriching his content with insightful and dramatic illustrations, stories, and humor.
Each motivational and inspirational presentation is designed to meet the specific needs of the client whether an association or government agency meeting, convention, sales conference, or corporate retreat. In this manner, Anish Jai provides not only inspirational instruction and motivation, but also the vision and high content resources needed to take that organization to the next level.
In a world where trainers, educators and motivators are hell-bent on convincing you that creating your best life is all about following their philosophy, buying their programmes and their products, Anish Jai is
an anomaly. Anish Jai doesn’t tell people he is the ‘guru’ who is the answer to all their problems. He is a coach who is ready to be there when you need, who will inspire you and challenge you to be and have the best you can. Anish Jai believes belief is power. You have to think you can ever before you really can.
He teaches that you’re the solution (and the problem). He teaches that forever change is a process which works from the inside out… and that too many people try and put right the internal matter with external solutions…He’s kind of challenging, honest, entertaining, amusing and confronting (periodically offensive) but he knows what works and if you’re genuinely ready to change then perhaps you will connect with him.
Today, we know that one of the most important aspects of any business is ‘people’. Experienced, competent people contribute to both the productivity and profitability of the company. Remaining competitive depends, to a great extent, on ensuring that your workforce is trained and up to date with ever-changing skills and knowledge.
And, almost certainly some of the common challenges that businesses face all over the globe are:
  • Attrition
  • Leadership
  • Stress in employees
  • Workplace dissatisfaction
  • Lost productivity
  • Lack of commitment
  • Conflicts
  • Lack of accountability/Dependability
  • Sales
  • Strategy
These brands have proven that elevating inspiration drives innovation,advocacy, engagement, and profit. 
“One can’t change their mind, can’t change anything” Motivation is the engine that drives organizational performance.Research shows that if you boost employee morale, company profits will follow.
“I understand where this company is going” to “I believe in where this company is going.” Today’s management leaders must be able to see their team members as “whole people”—body, heart, mind, and spirit—and manage and lead accordingly
“Innovators create a trend they don’t follow it” Innovative ways to gain employee commitment to organizational objectives through workplace learning and development
“You can change your life to become YOUR life” Remember that failing to plan ahead, prioritize and organize your work is a recipe for more stress.
“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, who makes the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it” Learn how to manage conflict situations rationally, logically, confidently and quickly.
“Shift your attention, and your emotion shifts. Shift your emotion, and your attention shifts.” People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear, anger and complacency pervade the workplace 
  • Fire Up your Dreams
  • I am the change
  • Awaken the entrepreneur within
  • The psychology of a winner 
  • How to think outside the box?
  • Turn on the light bulb
  • Awaken the innovator within
  • Collaborate to innovate
“To achieve anything you have never achieved before, you must learn, unlearn and relearn many things that you have never understood before.” “Search” is a divine word for education / Job / Life. When your “search” ends your life ends.
Now, all the research and surveys declare that ‘Training’ is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.Training is not only necessary to keep the skill of the creative person updated and current; it also contributes to your company’s needs and goals.

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